(1) Examination for Auctioneers shall be scheduled at such times as determined by the Commission. An applicant approved for an examination who fails to appear for three (3) consecutive examinations will not be permitted thereafter to stand the examination until he has submitted a new application, including the requisite examination fee, and the same has been approved by the Commission.

(2) All applications for examination, along with supporting documentation, must be received by the Commission’s office at least 40 days prior to the scheduled examination.

Authority Ga. L. 1975, pp. 53, 59; O.C.G.A. Sec. 43-6-7. History. Original Rule entitled “Examinations”
was filed on August 23, 1976; effective September 12, 1976. Amended: F. Jan. 11, 1994; eff. Jan. 31,
1994. Amended: F. June 6, 1996; eff. Jun. 26, 1996.